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When you finally retire with a pension, you plan to slow down your work and not completely give up your lifestyle. If you or someone you know is receiving a pension, there is no reason for them (or you) to be "cash poor".

Are you retired from the military or government? Have you ever wished you could have the use of the money you will get in the future right now? Well, you can put your pension to work for you today and receive a lump sum of cash.

In 1966 Ron Steinberg and Steve Covey pioneered this method to assist pensioners in exchanging eight years of their pension payments for a lump sum up front amount; the lump sum payment has enabled pensioners to use the funds to purchase a residence or other real estate, pay off debt and save thousands of dollars of interest expense, or start or expand their own businesses.  There are many other legitimate uses for the lump sum funding, as well.  Since military retirees almost always hold civilian jobs after their military service, you will have your military pension payments back from RMFS after eight years to enjoy for the rest of your life along with, in most cases, your civilian retirement pension, as well.

Let's examine how this works. Say a pensioner receives $30,000 per year. Eight years of pension payments totals $240,000; the pension funding source takes a fee (fee varies by agency type and pension plan) and provides the balance to the pensioner. After eight years, pension payments are made in full to the pensioner. Since you are using your own money (just in your own time in the present rather than in the future) there is nothing to repay.

In addition to military pensions, U.S. Pension Funding, purchases non-military pension cash flows.  These can be civil service (non-military) government pensions from the Federal, State, County or City governments, Police, Fire or Teachers pensions or corporate pensions.

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