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Business Lines of Credit

$1,000,000+ Unsecured Business Lines of Credit are availablein multiples of $100,000 dollars.

There are numerous applications for the use of this program, which can be summarized as follows:

Ø Application Only
Ø Stated Income
Ø Stated Asset
Ø NO Business Financials
Ø NO Tax Returns
Ø NO Credit Score
Ø NO Personal Guarantee
O NO Collateral
Ø NO reporting to your personal credit
Ø 30 to 45 days to obtain funding
Ø Revolving Line
Ø Perpetual Line
Ø Interest Only Payments
Ø Prime to Prime + 4
Ø Lines do not convert to term loans
Ø Unsecured Business Credit that is not reported to your personal credit

There is a processing/packaging fee required with the application's submission in the amount of $8,500, per $100,000 corporation requested. (Don't forget this includes our fully earned, non-refundable 1% commitment consultation fee, which is credited back against commissions at closing).The balance of our fee ($7,500) is fully refundable [and it is part of the documentation] if we are not successful. This has never happened.A success fee in the amount of 5% of the LOC established will be paid from the proceeds at closing.

These fees are non negotiable.

The complete funding process will take 30 to 45 days from the date a completed application and ‘good funds' from the processing fee is received.

The principal product is an individual credit enhanced Seasoned Corporation with attached, aged revolving lines of credit reporting as open for about $400K. Each corporation is engineered to be approved for $175K; but only $100K is requested per corporation.

Subject to:

  • Each corporation must have a separate address, (no PO Box) and a separate processing fee.
  • Each corporation must have it's own professional phone service. Initial setup is provided in the upfront fee. Nominal monthly corporate phone fee thereafter.
  • Client may choose name of corporation or use original name. Otherwise packaging company will use client's last name plus the word ‘Enterprises' for the corporate name.
  • Client has the option of using the corporation for additional funding if they pay for additional trade lines and use a real physical address for operations.
  • There is a limit of ten corporations per applicant. However, a group may have multiple applicants.
  • There is the possibility of further funding per corporation after initial funding over time. Ask Program Manager.
  • No one near or in foreclosure or mortgage default would qualify.
  • Applicant must have valid business purpose.
  • Not designed for, "robbing Peter to pay Paul." Applicant must convince Program Manager of ability to repay lines.
  • Available in all fifty states.
  • Adult industries are excluded.

We asked where these seasoned corporations are domiciled: Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, Florida.

Remember that we have six funding sources for business lines of credit available. One of them will be right for you. We will introduce you to the program manager after we receive the proof of funds and:

The Four Ingredients to Funding Success.

1. Executive Summary not to exceed four pages
2. Bio's key people
3. Detailed use of funds
4. Pro-forma five years ideal

For more information please contact:

Michael L. Swaner
iFund Solutions
 800-669-2700  ext.657
 208-495-9777  office
 208-250-1444  cell

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