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v     Large Project Funding - $5 Million  to  $1.85 Billion and Up

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Challenges funding your large project?  Need collateral?


Obtain access to some of the world's largest cash resources to finance your project on any continent and...close the deal in 90 days or less!

In these difficult times trying to finance anything is a real chore.  Most of the U.S. sources have dried up or are unwilling to finance large projects especially internationally.  Now you can obtain a new level of financing with access to many Euro Prime Banks and Pension Funds, as well as financing from Dubai and Asia.  Our foreign sources are bulging with money and are aggressively seeking good projects to finance in the U.S. and abroad.

Integrity Funding Solutions LLC is not a prime lender, but a conduit to some of the world's largest lenders, investors, and joint-venture partners, worldwide, as well as some specialty finance lenders for hard to finance situations.  We have established a relationship with a private funding source that has personal and local connections to Euro financing sources through retired international bankers of note.  Their extensive connections lead back to major European prime banks, the Euro-Gulf Management of Dubai, and others.  They have the ability to joint venture large oil/gas projects and mining related projects.  They can provide bullion transfers, top ten world bank collateral with funding against the same, and all types of credit facilities used in international finance.
Also, they are associated with a source that serves as a platform for U.S. borrowers to access these Euro, Mid East, and Asian sources.  Another connection is with a large New York Investment Bank, reportedly the largest financier of Hotel and Resort properties
in the world at approximately $70 billion strong.
   Note:  We will not fund a project in a terrorist country.

Services: Large Project Funding - International & U.S.

$5 Million to $1.85 Billion and Up

One-Stop Shopping:  Receive both the collateral and the 100% loan against it!  We can furnish it all!  We provide the needed equity for your larger projects.  Your loan could be closed in thirty banking days.  Ask us for loan procedures on the many outstanding opportunities to get your projects funded.  

SBLC Guaranteed Loans:  Receive both the (SBLC) Standby Letter of Credit Guarantee and a loan against it! 


Bank Joint Venture (J.V.) or Private Placement (P.P.) Investments:  No repayment liability and you buy back your outstanding interests in 5-7 years.  No loan on your books!


Debt Financing:  If you have adequate equity, you can utilize our private investment bank.

Become a Pre-approved Client of Our Private Bank(s):

Pass the 10 day bank security background check for all potential bank customers.  Have your business plan reviewed and approved by the collateral bank.  This may or may not require some bank due diligence fees.  A solid and professional business plan ensures a better chance of prompt approval.

Previous Deals:


The Non- Repayable, 100% LTV, Non-Recourse, Self Liquidating Loan:

100% LTV+ financing for your project.  Use U.S. banks or AA rated European World Banks to achieve a 100% loan.  This is an overborrowing of approx. 2.35 times of your net needs.  Bank collateral is purchased that pays off your principal for you in 10 years.  This is a Non Repayable Loan! You only pay the interest not the principal.  A fee of $55,000 to retain an international law firm to facilitate the various banks and investment groups is required to start.  This fee is not released until you receive your "approval" letter within only 14 days. (In other words, you don't pay the fee until receipt of the letter.)  Not all projects will receive approval...Borrower must be able to prove his ability to pay the interest factor of only 4.5% on the total overborrowing.  Annual or semiannual payments and start-up moratoriums are often allowed.  Outside investment income can be employed to make most projects bankable.  Contact us for a memo of procedures for this unique and time tested banking credit facility.

The 100% LTV Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) or Bank Guarantee (B.G.) Loan:

Requires 8.5% into escrow to help purchase the cost of the two bank commitments to guarantee your loan.  The escrow account can be in a Wachovia Bank Escrow in the U.S. for your security and confidence in the safety of the deposited funds.  Some Angel Investors may be available to assist in front end commitment escrow fees.

Better than Venture Capital

100% Joint Venture Investments:
We can offer Joint Venture Investors for your projects in a narrow scope.  These are typically world class projects in the $50 Million and larger range.  Our Investors prefer Oil/Gas and Mining ventures of a world class nature.  Also, unique Resort Hotels and high tech breakthroughs are of interest.  Bullion Transactions are not unusual.

This is not a loan, but an investment.  They will put up all the money. They put up all the risk.  They get a percentage of the profits until they get their investment back.  After that---usually, they will be part owners with you.  This is predetermined and negotiated.  Remember you had the idea but no equity.  Is it profitable?  Does it pass due diligence?  Have a solid professional business plan?  Are terms agreeable?  _____________________________________________________________________________

Loans for Mining Operations:

Same as the SBLC format, but the criteria used for approval are the geological reports, assays, ownership, and credentials of the parties involved.  This will be a loan secured against the SBLC.  Source of repayment are the revenues created from the mining "production".

Start-up Project Development Loans:

Assuming the borrowers and or their projects qualify, we can sometimes get up to 90% total LTV financing, using mezzanine investors for the top 15-20% of the loan.


Leveraged Buy Outs (LBO'S):

We can offer 100% financing for Corporate LBO's, wherein management wants to acquire the stock of minority stockholders on existing cash flowing companies with proven management abilities.

Rent money for a year

Credit Enhancement:

We can place large sums of money or bank instruments in your (new) bank account to enhance your credit with your current lender, to allow him to say YES to your project loan.  Cost is 3.5% per year.  A credit instrument is the same as having a better balance sheet.

Loans To Buy-Sell Bank Instruments:

Through arrangements with top Euro World Banks, we can provide the lending or collateral bank, on a bank to bank basis, to lend against or provide your collateral.  1-3 day closing!  Call for detailed memo. 3.5% escrow fee required into neutral escrow required on all transactions.

Bridge Loans:

For the really hard to finance deals...these are hard money loans.  3 day approval and 10-14 day closings.  Min. docs, stated income, assets, and etc.  Must have approx. 20% equity.  No prepayment penalties, so you can pay this off at any time you secure permanent financing.  It can get you "across the bridge!"

Large Residential PAD Development Loans:

Prefer $5M and up. Max $15M per phase.  Can do multiple phases. U.S. Only. 90% of cost.  2.5 points at closing, 1% Brokerage Fee.  Rates, Usually N.Y. prime plus 1%.

1031 Tax Deferred Real Estate Transactions:

We have 1031 target investments for the cash you cannot accept, for Capital Gain tax reasons, or just because you want a Great, Safe And Guaranteed Investment, 10-15% Guaranteed annual returns, 2% Guaranteed annual accruing appreciation, 60 day exit after one year, if you can find something better.  No Personal Recourse, on any debt on the target property.  Tax shelter while holding, Property: Usually high end senior care or convalescent homes.  Always in Demand! $100K minimum.  Net Worth of $1M plus to participate.  Call for particulars.

Don't See What You Need?  Send us your business plan...We have extensive and experienced contacts, who may be able to help you!  Contact Integrity Funding Solutions today at (877) 204-7401 or e-mail us at


Why use Integrity Funding Solutions?

Our connection specializes in the unique and sometimes hard to finance transactions.
With very broad contacts worldwide, our document requirements are minimal.  However, each lender has their own procedures, as do the prime banks for their different programs.
Our source will provide prompt responses to your inquiries, and once they have reviewed your business plans or executive summaries, they can put you in direct contact with the principals and/or the lending institution.
We are always paid for services rendered and not before.  Our fees are paid directly from the banks or investor closings and not before.  We are paid only after our source has performed their contractual agreement.


Misc. Costs:  Large project financing usually entails considerable due diligence on the part of the lending institutions.  Such costs can be minimized if your business plan is complete and addresses most issues the lenders need to know and can verify.  Due diligence and security background checks are paid to the banks as billed.  Costs for this are normally paid into your own Attorney Trust account or Escrow account for withdrawal and payment per invoiced billings, and released for payment to the lender or its subsidiary due diligence arm on approval for release by your Attorney or Escrow officer.  Evidence of ability to pay this charge may be necessary before we introduce the project to the bank(s).

Bank commitment fees are paid either to escrow and/or from closing proceeds.  In large transactions, borrowers may be required show evidence of availability to close by proof of funds, etc.

Bank charges, interest rates, & terms: These normal bank charges will be negotiated between you and the lender directly and are solely a part of the cost of business.

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Note: Integrity Funding Solutions LLC acts strictly as a consultant representing the borrower in these transactions.  Rates and terms listed on this page will change periodically with private banks and investors. Please call for the latest procedures and terms.