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v     Installment Contract Financing, Billing, and Collections

Are you turning away potential customer profits?

As a smart business owner, you probably already know that financing your customer's purchase is an effective way to increase sales.  Imagine if you could reduce or eliminate the risk and finance customers with all levels of credit -- Now you do not have to carry the financial burden yourself! 

Installment Contract Financing allows you to increase your cash flow and working capital by selling the contracts (seasoned portfolios, new originations, and even bad debt) for immediate cash.  It's not a loan and does not create debt on your balance sheet.  Access the money you need from your sales immediately, instead of having to wait and receive payment incrementally over the life of the contract (months and years).  In addition, you may have potential customers who do not meet the minimum credit standards.  They can be accepted as billing clients and you can receive the monthly cash flow from their monthly payments.  This powerful combination will provide you with maximum cash up front for short-term growth as well as growing a portfolio of residual income for long-term stability.

Turn your installment contracts into immediate cash today!

Benefits of Installment Contract Financing:

  • Financing - Receive a comprehensive solution designed to deliver the level of service and financial support that is right for you without restrictive credit standards of traditional commercial banks.  With customized and flexible programs for all types of retail installment contracts, you can maximize your cash flow, expand your customer base, increase your sales, and ultimately grow your business.

  • Billing - Take the stress out of managing your loan portfolio, with a third party billing and service program that can save you time and money while increasing the performance of your existing and future portfolios.  Feel comfortable that your accounts are receiving the proper attention with access to 24-hour a day online service.

  • Collections - Turn your non-performing and charged-off accounts into cash. Debt recovery specialists can recoup lost revenue and help you regain control of your customer delinquencies with individualized recovery solutions.
  • Bad Debt Purchasing - Your bad debt could be worth money in your pocket!  Find out from the experts if your charged-off accounts can be transformed into cash.

  • Experience, Expertise and State-of-the-Art Technology - We work directly with a private national funding source that has more than 50 years combined finance and consumer installment contract service on their management team.  You'll receive custom-tailored financing programs coupled with accounts receivable management services along with the tools and support to grow your business.

Our client's industries include, but are not limited to:


Health / Medical Devices:


Home Improvement /Household:

In-Vitro Fertilization


Paint, Stucco, Siding

Radial Keratotomy


Personal Jewelry



Security Systems



Water Treatment Systems

Mobile Transportation / Scooters



Elective Surgeries (Lasik, etc.)


Vacuum & Air

Body Scanning


Buyer's Clubs



Art & Sculpture

Emergency Life Saving Devices


Bulk Home Food Sales



Infomercial Products



Piano Sales

Digital Photos



Internet Access


Recreational / Leisure & Travel:

Web Sites


Golf Club Membership



Campground Memberships



Travel Clubs

Internet Appliances


Resort Time Share Programs



Dating Services



Health & Fitness Equipment

Educational Products & Services:


Martial Arts

College Funding & Planning Services


Vacation Club Membership

Alternative Learning



Real Estate



Seminars and Business Opportunity



Therapeutic Massage





Note: If your industry is not on

Vocational and Trade Schools


this list and you carry consumer

 bullet 1 Computer Certification


installment contracts -- We're

 bullet 1 Dental Assistants



 bullet 1 Truck Driving School



 bullet 1 Heavy Equipment Training 



 bullet 1 HVAC



 bullet 1 Culinary Arts




While IFS considers all types of consumer installment sale contracts, typical purchasing parameters are:  

Ø       Contract Size:                   $500 - $10k

Ø       Contract Term:                  6 - 48 months

Ø       Interest Rate:                    15% or higher

Ø       Credit Quality:                   A, B, and C Credits 


  3 Income Streams = Your Profit


1. Capital / Financing

2. Billing 

 3. Collection / Debt

Consumer Notes Purchasing

 Third Party Billing

Delinquent Account

 A. New Accounts

 A. Reduce Expenses

 A. Increase Recovery

 B. Seasoned Portfolios

 B. Increase Cash Flow

 B. Additional Cash Flow

 C. Charge-off Accounts

 C. Improve Efficiency

 C. Recover Lost Revenue

 Turn your Consumer Notes into immediate cash!

Build a portfolio that gives you a monthly cash flow!

Turn your delinquent written off accounts into cash!


Affect your bottom line...

  • Increase your cash flow
  • Outsource non-revenue generating activities
  • Reduce overhead
  • Improve receivables performance
  • Improve customer relationships  

Take the worry out of your accounts receivables, so you can focus on what you do best...Grow Your Business!   

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